Want to develop apps like the Zoom video conferencing solution? [Know all]

Fascinated by the trend of online conferencing and video calling? Creating a video conferencing app like Zoom is not rocket science. What takes a toll is the intricacies associated with the app, features, and corresponding functionalities. When deciding to deploy an online conferencing app like Zoom, it is important to have a crystal-clear image of what the app is all about and how does the same operate. To help you with the above, here we have drafted detailed documentation of developing an app like Zoom.

Decoding the Zoom Video Conferencing App: What it is & the Business Model?

A dedicated video calling app designed to provide users the flexibility to connect and meet people remotely. Zoom app supports as many as 1000 people communicating live. The app has a simple and intuitive interface enabling users to connect or join a meeting without walking down the painful process of signing in. Currently, Zoom has a huge audience base with a count of 300 million meeting participants per day.

With such extreme audience count, Zoom leads as the most downloaded app exceeding the bar set by TikTok. All of the success garnered by Zoom traces back to the hordes of features provided by the app. The free version itself offers users the ease to connect with 100 participants in the single go. For higher plans, the app is decked with features that include vanity URL, admin dashboard, multiple hosts, etc. All in all, Zoom has been successful in redefining the workspace with open meetings and remote engagements.

Market Research

Video conferencing has been trending and it is not only Zoom that has caught the attention of the users. The domain of video conferencing is home to many other potential apps that are  equally effective. Without a doubt, the first name that pops every time someone scours the web for video conferencing is Zoom, yet there are a few names one cannot afford to skip. A few of these include:

  • Google Meet
  • Skype
  • Cisco WebEx Meeting
  • Team Viewer
  • Google Hangouts
  • Whatsapp

History of Zoom dates back to 2011 when the platform was first introduced in the VoIP
industry. The app attracted users at a slow pace, yet managed to gain traction. A massive
increase in the adoption rate of Zoom was noticed overnight, post the onset of nationwide

As more and more people are forced to work from home, remote communication has turned out to be the new normal. And from where the results stand, it is clear that Zoom has been the top choice for most of the users. From adding participants to offering the ease of screen sharing, Zoom emerges as a robust platform with advanced features.

Overall Project Summary

Zoom basically is a video conferencing app and has all the features needed to host virtual communication. Primarily, the app is targeted towards the corporate sector and is designed in a way that allows professionals to conduct meetings, host online sessions, and bridge the geographical divide. The app is suitable for professionals of all levels ranging between small-sized to big fat enterprises.

The core features of zoom include:

  1. Enable users to host or conduct one to one meetings. There isn’t any limitation to the number of meet-ups and is accessible with the free plan also.
  2. Allow the host to share their screen while conducting a one to one or a group meeting.
  3. Allow 100 participants to connect for 40-minute duration with the free plan. The number increases as the plan advance from pro to enterprise and business.
List of Features
  • Video and Audio Calls: This is the central part of the app. It enables users to connect with others either via a video chat or through audio calls.
  • Group Calling: Also known as meetings, this allows one to conduct a meeting where there are a host and certain members. The host can send invites via a link,
    mute/unmute users, etc.
  • Text Chat: Members of the call can broadcast messages or send personal texts while they are attending the meeting.
  • Screen Sharing: Sharing tutorials, presentations, or any template, this gives the ease to share screen on the go.
  • Virtual Hand Raising: Allowing participants to virtually raise their hands when in a meeting to avoid chaos and mess over calls.
  • Record Meetings: Keep a record of the meetings and share it with participants that missed the same.
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