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Are you thinking to come up with a beauty service or salon app? Well, you need to understand the existing businesses which are doing something similar and have succeeded in this field. One such app, we would suggest you check out is AtHomeDiva. Take some time to go through our study on the online and on-demand beauty salon service and tell us what you want us to do for you.

What is AtHomeDiva and how did their business grow?
AtHomeDiva is one of the top on-demand salon service providers that cater to women and offers myriads of grooming and skincare packages at client locations. Based in Bengaluru, the company is owned by Quikr and it has become one of the favorites among the target users. It offers trained & certified stylists who can offer top-notch grooming and skincare services at client locations at their convenient timings.

By using the app or website, its user can view simply to browse grooming packages, pick the desired one and make a booking. Waxing, manicure, Spa & Facials, makeup for bridal and party needs, scalp and hair care, are some of the services it offers. The users can also avail of attractive promotions and discounts from time to time. It now operates in Bengaluru, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi NCR, Pune, and similar regions.

Market Research

In a country where women find it tedious to find some personal time, salon apps have come as bliss to grooming aware modern women. However, it is required that you offer nice facilities and plenty of packages to lure your audience.

Though AtHomeDiva is a nice app for starting your research regarding salon apps, it won’t be enough alone.

Your online beauty salon app should enable the working women, who find it tough to balance office chores with household tasks, to stay well-groomed. It will then be lapped by the trendy working women who are grooming conscious but lack the time to visit salons periodically. Housewives, who do not feel confident about going to typical salons, can also become your customers.

So, you can also check out some worthy alternatives like:
  •  MyGlamm
  •  GetLook
  •  Yes Madam
  •  urban clap
  •  Housejoy
  •  Zimmber
Overall Project Summary
Your beauty and grooming service booking app needs to target modern women. It can be used both on Android and iOS devices. The services can also be availed by using the company website. Within a few years, your app could become a much sought after contender in online and on-demand beauty and grooming service booking segment if all worked well.
There is a lot that you as a user can do with the app like:

  • Check out the available beauty and grooming packages and book one
  • Schedule the service at a preferred time
  • Avail promotional offers and limited period discounts
  • Opt for special bridal grooming packages

List of Features
Log in options multiple – You can log into to the app either for selling or buying anything using 4 options. You can use Google or Facebook id. You may also use a phone number or email id for logging in.

Profile customization – Once you are logged in and registered with the app, profile customization can be done. You can choose a phone number to be displayed in the ads. You may also add a profile picture.

Notifications – You may choose to be notified on promotional offers and activity-based recommendations.

Real estate – Apart from used stuff, you can use the marketplace app to look for real estate deals. You may search for rented properties using its service. Using filters like the type of property and

Job search – Using the app, you may search for myriads of jobs and most of these are IT- related. However, openings for cooks and teachers are also listed.

A lot more can be done in the buy-sell marketplace, like:

    •  Editing profile or deactivating it any time
    •  Creating a network of users and following them.
    •  Chat with sellers who have posted ads in the app
    •  Post your ads and modify and delete them later.
How iTechNotion can help?
iTechNotion is a company that is committed to offering all types of guidance and assistance to its clients – no matter what their niche is. We are absolutely professional in approach and possess immense skill and experience in creating the feature-rich, functional app and stunning websites. We handle back and front end programming needs. We also carry out the required maintenance. Our clients get comprehensive support and assistance, at all times.

For the people, thinking to launch a full-featured marketplace for buying and selling things, our team can serve as a perfect consulting and development aid. To know more and discuss your requirements, you can reach out to us.

Technology we used

You can see if people have viewed your Ads, when you open your ad, please see an eye image with a number next to it. That is your number of Ad views.

You can let people know what you have to sell in a few easy to steps.

On the App

  1. Choose a category and subcategory.
  2. Write a catchy title for your ad and proper description.
  3. Tap on the camera icon in the left side of the app
  4. Set the price for the product.
  5. Set your price
  6. Use your current location or set the location you prefer.
  7. Tap on Post now.
  8. Provide information in the mandatory fields (You can hide the phone number while posting the ad)
  9. Simply take or upload up to 12* photos of what you’d like to sell.

It’s that easy!

(Pro-tip: Share your ad with your friends to sell even faster by scrolling down to the bottom of the ad and tap on one of the social media buttons.)

On the Web

  1. Click on the camera icon says “Sell” in the top right corner on the site.
  2. Choose category and subcategory.
  3. Write a catchy title for your ad and proper description.
  4. Set your price
  5. Upload up to 12 photos. (Pro-tip: the more photos you upload the faster you’ll sell.)
  6. Enter your location through Current Location or Manual selection
  7. Check your user details to ensure you are posting from your desired account.
  8. Preview your Ad, or add number and description before clicking Post Now.

It’s that easy!

1. What payment methods are available on OLX?

Online you can pay with all major credit, debit cards, and Net-banking.

2. Which cards are supported by “Pay with card”?

All credit and debit cards.

3. Can I also pay with a debit card if I select “Pay with card”?

Yes, if your debit card supports online purchases.

4. Verified by VISA and Mastercard SecureCode (collectively known as 3D Secure)

These are schemes that have been introduced by card issuers to help in the fight against online fraud and OLX is now participating in these schemes along with a growing number of merchants. To verify your transaction you will be asked to enter your 3D Secure password. If you haven’t already done so, you will need to register for ‘Verified by Visa‘ and ‘Mastercard SecureCode‘ with your debit/credit card issuer.

You can register either by visiting the card issuer’s website directly or simply by placing an order online. You will automatically be referred to your card issuer’s website to register during the checkout process. If you encounter problems with registration, please contact your card issuing bank directly.

Once you have registered, whenever you shop online with any retailer that shows the ‘Verified by Visa‘ and ‘Mastercard SecureCode‘ logos, you will have one more step in the shopping process. You will be taken to their debit/credit card issuers’ website to enter your password before you are returned to the checkout to complete the purchase. This ensures that only the person who enters the correct password should be able to shop online using your card.

1. How can I cancel the payment?

If you have started the payment flow, but would like to abort it, you can go back to the feature selection page of OLX / to OLX via the “back arrows” in the browser / the application.

You can restart a new payment flow by clicking “Pay” on the feature selection page on OLX.

2. Why does OLX only refund to the same payment card or bank? 

It is a condition of the card schemes (VISA, Mastercard) or banks that all refunds must be processed onto the same card or bank (if done via net-banking) as the original payment was made in order to help reduce fraudulent activity on cards. OLX must comply fully with all these schemes (s)/rules in order to be able to accept these card types.

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