Infrastructure and Architecture Design

When it comes to software, a structured and professional design of infrastructure can grant a solidly functioning foundation for the end product. Our professional software infrastructure and architectural design will ensure that your final product continually meets expectations in terms of performance and user convenience, which is essentially a requirement for a good product.

  • Application containerization
  • Orchestration and Kubernetes deployment
  • CI/CD processes automation
  • Infrastructure monitoring and tracking
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MVPScaling Services

Expertise-driven services help grow the basic features of a minimum viable product in order to achieve more product versatility and provide the bones of the project with quality software that can be used at a full-scale launch. Essentially, this is the last step before releasing a finalized product to the public.

  • CI/CD processes investigation
  • Monitoring system configuration
  • Infrastructure scaling
  • Post-deployment adjustments
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Kubernetes Deployment Services

Legacy software usually requires a lengthy and tedious process to get it up and running, which can take up lots of time. With Kubernetes deployment, complex steps such as deployments, updates, or scaling are no-brainers. This is because we automate the repetitive tasks so you don't have to deal with them manually when you're already working on your application in production.

  • Cluster set up
  • Cluster deployment
  • Monitoring and logging
  • Dev team training
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Cloud Costs Optimization

Cloud processing and storage solutions can provide an enormous benefit for any business looking for the scale and cost savings of the cloud. However, you must also be on top of managing and optimizing your cloud architecture to make sure adopting the cloud is actually profitable (otherwise, it may just incur new costs)

  • Infrastructure audit
  • Historical metrics monitoring
  • Recommendations and forecasts
  • Budgeting assistance
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Infrastructure Migration Services

As more and more businesses start to migrate to cloud, migration of software infrastructures becomes increasingly important. Startups looking for ways to scale rapidly opt for the cloud while projects that have been in the cloud since the beginning are often migrated to a private server on their own.

  • Project migration preparations
  • Setting the stage
  • Project migration process
  • Support and maintenance
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Benefits of Our DevOps Solutions

    Access to Professional DevOps Engineers

    Hiring our DevOps team, you get quick and easy access to experienced DevOps engineers, who are able to power your project with their expertise right from the start.

    Cost Reduction

    Due to improved workflows, you cut unnecessary expenses. Additionally, we help SaaS businesses significantly reduce cloud costs and take them under control.

    Improved Operational Support

    DevOps as a Service simplifies the data and information flow of a project for more convenient collaboration. You also get better documentation and quality control.

    Increased Development Team Agility

    As a result, companies notice happier and more engaged teams, faster speed, and lower cost of releases. Developers obtain more data storage and computing power.

    Tools and Technologies We Use

    Let us help you optimize your business success with an arsenal of well-proven tools and technologies

        Agile Development Life Cycle

        We follow the agile development life cycle which is a great way to manage projects, especially complex ones. It helps ensure that everyone is on the same page and that tasks are completed in a timely manner. By using an agile development life cycle, you can help your team be more productive and efficient.

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          The concept phase is where project owners determine the scope of a project, prioritizing requirements, features, and the client’s expectations.

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          Product owners will define the right people for the project and provide them with all the necessary tools and resources to start designing it.

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          Its longest phase where the development team works to deliver working software based on iteration requirements and feedback.

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          Quality assurance (QA) testing, internal and external training, documentation development, and iteration are put into production.

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          Go live. The product is available for the customers, and the software teams provide ongoing support for the software.

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          End-of-life activities. Teams carefully review their performance and identify their strengths and weaknesses during the project.

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