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Develop a Telemedicine App Like ‘Doctor On Demand’ for hospital, patients.

Are you thinking of investing in an on-demand app? Does the idea of a Telemedicine app appeal to you? As easy as this may seem, investing in such apps require tremendous knowledge of the subject, the target audience, and the market standings. In case you are wondering where to start? iTechNotion brings to you an in-depth analysis of a Telemedicine app like doctor on demand.

Doctor On Demand: The Definition and the Business Ideals

A doctor on demand is an online application that enables patients to connect with doctors remotely. Growing steadfastly, the doctor on demand app owns the tag of next-generation video-based telemedicine app, easing the process of scheduling appointments and connecting with doctors on the go.

With more than one million downloads, the doctor on-demand app has come a long way. A large share of revenue is earned from the new line of business model where the application is given to the healthcare systems who then use the app to treat their patients. A standard fee is applied to determine the overall cost. Also, the app is open for general users. The fact that the app has a response rate of 3 minutes and less, users worldwide consider it to be the best telemedicine app.

Market Research

Telemedicine app isn’t something that has been into the industry for long. It is only recently that the notion of on-demand apps surfaced the tech world and this followed the rise of a whole new service, doctor on demand. As the idea waved across the industry, more and more entrepreneurs started experimenting with the idea and there arose some other telemedicine apps.

Few of the top contributors in the Telemedicine sector includes:
  • ZocDoc
  • HealthTap
  • LiveHealth
  • MDLive
  • Amwell
  • Lemonaid

Following the Uber for X analogy, their founders of the doctor on demand app aimed at reducing the wait time of the patients. On average, a patient in the US needs to wait for a minimum of 24 days before confirming their doctor’s appointment. The Doctor On Demand apps reduces this to 3 minutes. It has more than a million downloads and hails as one of the best doctor’s app in the US.

Overall Project Summary

Telemedicine app like doctor on demand aims at revolutionizing the healthcare industry. Patients have a tough time visiting the hospital premises, waiting in long queues, scheduling appointments, and consultation. A Doctor On Demand apps aims to enthuse all of this in a single app giving both doctors and patients the ease to connect as per their own convenience. The entire process is packed within a smart application that runs on a mobile device.

Here is a list of core features every telemedicine app like doctor on demand must possess.

  • Allow doctors to set their availability
  • A profile dashboard allowing users to stuff their basic details
  • Enable doctors and patients to connect via live conferencing.
  • It gives patients the ease to connect via in-app chat or call.
  • Select payment portals/in-app payments.
  • Share personal details with the doctor

List of Features

  • Appointment Booking : Patients can search for doctors belonging to a specific domain, scan the list, find the best, and then book an appointment based on the availability timings.
  • Emergency Appointment : Patients can opt for emergency and get their appointments adhered on a priority basis
  • Doctor’s Availability : Giving them the ease to set their availability timings for better interaction.
  • Real-time Tracking : Simply GPS tracking allows patients to track the location of the doctors in case they have planned a one to one consultation.
  • Payment Options : Patients can select from several payment portals. It could be the in-app wallet, card payment, or third-party app, UPI payment.
  • Push Notifications : Send reminders and notifications to both the patient as well as the doctor about the upcoming appointment.
  • Rating and Reviews : Allow patients to rate the doctors based on the services offered. This will help others decide which provider would be best for them.
  • App Calling : Users can select from in-app chats, calls, or live conferencing to connect with the doctors.
  • Database Records : A unified database allowing patients to store their previous medical records and share it with the doctors when needed.

How iTechNotion can help?

A Telemedicine app is more about the interface and the functionality than the intervening participants. To ensure your on-demand venture to be successful, deploying a feature-rich app seems imperative. We at, iTechNotion, houses a team of software nerds and experienced developers who own the knack to drill down the important features of a Telemedicine app and embed the same, ensuring optimal interaction between the two.

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