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    Our 4-Steps hiring process to get you going

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      iTechNotion is a leading AngularJS development company that provides innovative and custom-made solutions for businesses of any size and from any industry.

      Flexible engagement models

      iTechNotion offers flexible engagement models to suit your needs. We offer hourly, fixed-price, recurring monthly, and retainer models. This means that you can have a dedicated developer who works with you for as long as you need. We also offer a hire-on-demand model where our developers work on your projects as they come in.

        Hire the best

        iTechNotion development team consists of skilled, experienced programmers in various technologies. We only hire developers who are passionate about their work and this dedication has resulted in us having the highest level of code quality with 100% accuracy.

          We're committed to your project timeline

          We're committed to your project timeline, which is why we make sure all of our developers are aware of the requirements and work diligently to meet them without compromising on quality.

            Work at your time zone

            To ensure that time zone differences don't impact the quality and timeliness of our work, we align our teams with your time zone for effective communication and efficient project delivery.

                iTechNotion AngularJS Developers Competence

                iTechNotion provides robust, reliable, highly interactive, and data-driven AngularJS web development services with a blend of seamless performance, user-friendly features, and interactive designs. Hire AngularJS developers with 5+ years of experience in AngularJS app and web development.

                  Custom AngularJS Plugin Development

                  We provide highly-interactive and data-driven enterprise-oriented custom AngularJS plugin development services to fulfill your unique business requirements.

                  AngularJS to AngularJS Migration

                  Being a globally renowned AngularJS development company, we know how to quickly and efficiently migrate your old AngularJS application to the latest AngularJS version.

                  AngularJS Web and Mobile App Development

                  Whether you are looking to hire AngularJS programmer’s team or dedicated AngularJS mobile app developers, Find AngularJS developers to build secure, scalable, and feature-packed applications.

                  AngularJS E-commerce Portal Development

                  Development of feature-rich and interactive shopping carts is a lot simpler with the help of AngularJS. Let us help you develop a simple and ravishing portal system with floating panels.

                  UI/UX Development Services

                  Hire AngularJS programmers to build interactive web apps to boost your online business. Our seasoned AngularJS experts provide eye-catchy UI/UX development services following the industry trends.

                  AJAX Development

                  Leverage our seasoned AngularJS developers to bring out their expertise in various Ajax web app development and technologies like JavaScript, XHTML, CSS, and XML HTTP Request (XHR).









                  Key Benefits of Hiring AngularJS Developers from iTechNotion

                  • Extensive knowledge and expertise in the industry.
                  • Transparency, integrity and confidentiality.
                  • Hassle-free resource management.
                  • Excellent customer support - 24/7, all year round.
                  • Timely completion - get your project done in time with our fast turnaround times.

                  Technical Expertise of our AngularJS Developers

                    • Fuse

                    • Wordpress+Angular

                    • CleanUICleanUI

                    • CoreUI

                    • Angular7/8 Custom Create Libraries

                    • RXJS

                    • FullCalendar

                    • @Types/Googlemaps

                    • @Types/Fabric (For Canvas)

                    • For Cropping - @Types/Cropperjs/PIL

                    • Facebook API

                    • Instagram API

                    • YouTube API

                    • Spotify API

                    • Apple Music API

                    • Google API

                    • Jira REST API

                    • GitHub API

                    • SoundCloud API

                    • Firebase

                    • Docker

                    • Dapr

                    • Heroku

                    • Azure

                    • AWS Lambda

                    • Amazon Web Services(AWS)

                    • AngularJS

                    • Angular2+

                    • NGRX(Angular + Redux)

                    • Ruby On Rails

                    • Node

                    • Laravel

                    • Java

                    • Golang

                    • .Net

                    Version Control
                    • Github

                    • Bitbucket

                    • Gitlab

                    Designer Tool
                    • Zeplin

                    • Xd Adobe

                    • Invision App

                    Communication Tool
                    • Slack

                    • Microsoft Team

                    • Gchat

                    • Google Meet

                    • Zoom

                    • MongoDB

                    • PostgreSQL

                    • MySQL

                    • DynamoDB

                    • GraphQL

                    UI libraries
                    • Angular materials

                    • Bootstrap + 3

                    • Syncfusion

                    • PrimeNG

                    • KendoUI

                    • NodeJS

                    • Typescript

                    • Javascript

                    • RXJS

                    • JQuery

                    Project Management Tools
                    • JIRA

                    • Trello

                    • BaseCamp

                    • SAP

                    • Netsuite

                    • Deltek

                    • Oracle

                    • Sage

                    • Microsoft Dynamics

                    • Infor

                    • Syspro

                    • IFS Applications

                    • Macola

                    • Intacct

                    • Twilio

                    • Agile

                    • Test-Driven Development (TDD)

                    • Googlemap

                    • Stripe Integration (Payment Gateway)

                    Upgraded services
                    • 13.0

                    • 12.0

                    • 11.0

                    • 10.0

                    • 9.0

                    • 8.0

                    • 7.0

                    • 6.0

                    • 5.0

                    • 4.0

                    • 2.0

                    Deployment Process
                    • CI/CD


                    Why Choose iTechNotion Resources?

                      Eliminate hiring delays

                      Quality and vetted candidates and our accurate recommendations give you the right fit.

                      Save 50%+ Costs

                      High-quality, experienced resources can save over 50% of hiring local resources.

                      Secure and compliant

                      Our resources are aware of data privacy and security compliances and adhere to them.

                      Focus on your work

                      We help in end-to-end resourcing (HR and Payrolls), so you can focus on business.

                      On-demand talent

                      Our diverse talent pool offers candidates with varied experience and skillsets when you need them.

                      15 Days risk-free trial (Try before finalization)

                      With no-obligation interviews, we also offer a 15 days risk-free trial, so you are comfortable with the chosen resource.

                      Our Vetting Process

                      Learn about how we confirm the credibility of our resources

                        1Review of experience and project complexity
                        2Clear communication
                        3Tech evaluation via F2F interviews
                        4Coding test assessment
                        5Through background check
                        6Consistent performance evaluation

                        Hire AngularJS Developers As Per Your Need

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                          We’ll provide a fully signed NDA for your Project’s confidentiality

                          Agile Methodology

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                          Monthly Hiring



                          4 to 6 Years of Exp. AngularJS Developers 160 hours per month

                          Agile Methodology

                          Project Statics
                          • Project Tracker
                          • Reports
                          • Hurdles
                          Scrum Team


                          SCRUM Team(USD)

                          Build a Scrum Team of 5 Developers

                          Agile Methodology

                          Project Statics
                          • Project Tracker
                          • Reports
                          • Hurdles

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                            Frequently Asked Questions

                              Hiring a remote AngularJS resource from iTechNotion comes with several benefits:
                              • Our AngularJS resources are highly skilled and experienced, capable of working on even the most complex projects.
                              • Our remote developers possess excellent communication skills, allowing for seamless collaboration with your team.
                              • Our developers are available to work in different time zones to meet your project needs promptly.
                              • We prioritize security and use the latest protocols to protect your project and confidential information.
                              • We offer a free trial period to evaluate the skills and quality of our developers. If for any reason, you are not satisfied with the initial results, we will assign another developer whose skills better align with your project requirements.

                              You can just fill up the inquiry form or reach out to us at with your requirements. Our sales team will then reach out to you for a comprehensive discussion of your needs and provide you with resumes of our top AngularJS developers who are best suited to your use case. You can then select the developer that best meets the requirements of your project.

                              The cost of hiring a AngularJS developer depends on various factors such as experience level, project duration, etc. The hourly rate to hire AngularJS developers from iTechNotion usually starts from $18 which may vary depending on the resource’s experience.

                              Yes, You will get complete control over them. You will have full authority over everything, including managing your developer(s), assigning and reviewing work, and conducting meetings.

                              Yes, it's free of charge. We offer a trial period during which you can assess the quality of the code, communication, timeliness, and other aspects of the hired resource. If you are pleased with the results, you can proceed with the engagement. However, if you are unsatisfied with the output, we will assign another resource whose skills align with your requirements.

                              Ready To Start a Project?

                              We are committed to providing our clients with the top solutions through global business ventures.

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                                " They accepted a huge challenge and exceeded it. We're all better because they did. "

                                - Bill Crose Founder & CEO, Adyton

                                " The team’s in-depth knowledge extends to all things web and beyond. "

                                - Thomas Hayes Founder, Group Piex

                                " The Leave and Attendance Management project has been a great value for our money. "

                                - GoPaL Prajapati Chief Project Manager, DB Corp LTd (DAINIK Bhaskar)

                                " Very Pleased with app development! highly recommended services! "

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                                " Highly recommend for web development, apps, e-commerce, database management, etc. very reliable A+++ "

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                                " Avkash and his team at iTechNotion have done a great job developing our app and we are pleased enough to continue working with them to develop of our remaining applications. "

                                - Selwyn IOS app development

                                " Very good work again. I recommended this great professional and excellent provider. The communication is very good. Is my partner from Portugal and a member that i want in my team of my company. "

                                - Amvidigal Android TV Launcher App

                                " Hired team for few tasks in last 2-3 years. Prompt reply, top notch service and affordable quotes. They even went extra mile to deliver tasks which were not their responsibility. "

                                - Manish Dedicated Resources Hiring Canada