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How to develop E-learning solution like Udemy

Digitization is increasing meteorically and given the prevailing trends, if you are planning to launch an online education app like Udemy, you are on the right path. However, before stepping foot on the path of designing and developing an app, it is more than important to have a detailed overview of an existing solution to shape the idea better and faster. iTechNotion gives you the ease to walk down the journey of Udemy app development and then move ahead with your idea.


Idealizing on Udemy: The No 1 Online Education App

Udemy is a subscription-based educational app bridging the gap between the students and the subject matter experts. It hails as one of the best learning apps with around 1,50,000 courses covering a wide range of subjects. Udemy for Business helps organizations and corporate companies to train and educate their employees rendering rich content backed industry experts.

Udemy is one of the fascinating and trending online education app that follows a two-dimensional model. What this means is that the app is open both for the educators and the learners. While students can scan through the given list of courses, apply and start learning, experienced educators can design a course and upload the same. Udemy has an app both for the android and the iOS platform. It also has a web version of the channel allowing students to have a better grasp of knowledge. All of the success etched to date loops back to the value provided by the platform in a continuum.

Market Research

Online education apps are booming with popularity and success. Whether a student or an employee, these apps have sufficient courses to educate everyone irrespective of the domain. Not only are they flexible but render 24/7 availability of knowledge enabling students to learn as per their own convenience. When we talk about online learning apps, Udemy isn’t the only name that pops up. If you are looking for the development of an educational app like Udemy, it is best to have a look at the top competitors to know who they are and how they work.

  • Coursera
  • Khan Academy
  • Linda
  • Udacity
  • Codeacademy
  • Skillshare

Udemy started back in 2009 as a platform that could help students learn at their pace and from the top instructors worldwide. Growing slowly, Udemy today has more than 50 million learners and around 57000 instructors teaching courses in 65 different languages. Isn’t that great?

To top this, Udemy has rated all of their courses nominally and users who do not wish to obtain a certificate can simply sign up for the course, learn and kickstart their career. Founders of Udemy believed in simplifying the procurement process of educational courses, enabling students to gain skills without having the need to visit a certified center. As the world’s best teachers aren’t just in the classrooms, Udemy brings them to your home.

Overall Project Summary

Udemy is an educational app that aims at promoting interaction between the instructors and the learners. The app is an open portal with two-way access. Primarily, it is the students and the employers that fall in the target audience of the app. Each of the designed courses provides immense value to the learner and strives towards imparting knowledge.

The core features embedded in the Udemy apps include:
  • Users have the ease of signup for a course without any past experience. The app will not restrict access to anyone based on their background.
  • Courses are accessible across all devices
  • Learners can opt for both video and it’s transcript while leaning a skill.
  • The app renders lifetime access to the course content once a student sign-ups for the same.

List Of Features

  • Database of Courses : A rich repository of courses that students can sign up for.
  • Categorization and Modules : Users can scan through the categorically divided courses and locate one for them
  • Search Bar : A direct search option where users can simply enter a course name and access the same.
  • Discounted Course Section/Free Courses : A separate section that displays all of the discounted and the free courses available on the app.
  • Dashboard : A student dashboard that shows all of the courses purchased by a learner along with the rate of completion.
  • Instructor Dashboard : One that showcases the different courses uploaded by an instructor and the ones subscribed by a user.
  • Payment Options : Enabling several payment methods making it easier for students to pay for a course.

How iTechNotion can help?

Deploying an educational app like Udemy requires tons of research, planning, and ideating. Once done, you then need to have an app that has an intuitive interface and simple navigation mode. iTechNotion clubs all of these, helping entrepreneurs come with revenue-specific ideas and turning them to reality.

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