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How to develop similar app like Airbnb? Know benefits and cost of development.

If you are looking forward to starting a business similar to Airbnb, it is important to understand in and out of their business. We, at iTechNotion, can do the rest for you. Go through our insightful study on the business giant and figure out what exactly do you want us to do for you.

similar app like Airbnb

What is Airbnb and how did their business grow?

One of the most modern and unique ideas, Airbnb is an accommodation sharing site that allows individuals to rent out their property or any kind of extra space to the guests who are mostly travelers. The properties are available with different criteria like one with a swimming pool, an attached kitchen, near the main market to a room that is shared or an entire property. Airbnb charges 3% of the booking value as a commission from the host and anything between 6% and 12% from the guests who check-in.

Initiated in the year 2009, the company has grown from helping 21000 guests a year to six million a year find a suitable holiday accommodation. The company now boasts of 800,000 properties that are spread around 34000 cities and 90 countries. The financial factor is the basic factor that helps this business grow. While the guests can get a good accommodation at a reasonable price, the host can take advantage of any extra space they have.

Market Research

There is no denying the fact that Airbnb is a tremendous way of finding the right accommodation while on a holiday. But it is always good to be aware of the different options that are available. If you have any reason to check out the alternatives, here is a comprehensive list.

Almost 10 years into the industry, Airbnb has already spread wings in several places. The top seven countries that have Airbnb are Brazil, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, France, and United States of America.

Airbnb was recently launched in India and its listings have grown by 115% in the last year in the country. Since India is among the fastest growing economies around the world with a growing number of middle class families who wish to travel, India remains one of the top markets for the brand.

Best Alternatives to Airbnb
  • Vrbo
  • Booking.com
  • HomeAway
  • Flipkey
  • Homestay
  • OneFineStay
  • House Sitting
  • VillasDirect (was earlier known as RentalsCombined)
  • Outdoorsy

Overall Project Summary

Airbnb is a free app for Android users by Airbnb Inc. The application is actually a community of authentic and trustworthy users who list their extra space or accommodation either on the app or online.

There is a lot that a user can do with the app such as:
  • Check out the user profiles.
  • Access the itinerary and details of the host.
  • Get directions to the route from the host.
  • Message the host.
  • Uploads pictures on Airbnb.

List of Features

  • Book Travel Experiences - The travelers can book unique travel experiences that are designed by native experts.
  • Book Vacation Homes : The travelers can search for their dream vacation home rentals from among more than 4 million vacation homes that are spread across 191 countries and more. There are different variables to refine the search, such as by price, amenities, neighborhood etc.
  • Explore popular destinations : The travelers can explore popular destinations and find local guides who can help them with guided tours. There is a lot that can be done with the Airbnb app, both by the traveler as well as the host.
Travelers can :
  • Book an appropriate vacation home rental for a vacation, whether it is a business trip, a family vacation or a solo trip.
  • Book unique travel experiences.
  • Look for an appropriate travel accommodation last minute or search rentals for long term.
  • Save their favorites whether it is vacation homes, places or experiences and then invite others to plan a trip as well.
  • Make a personal itinerary and add experiences and events to it.
  • Message the host and ask for directions to the accommodation.
Hosts can :
  • Share their extra space with the travelers.
  • Share places, events, and experiences that are unique in their city.
  • Update their calendar availability and listing from time to time.
  • Can maintain a host guidebook and share what’s unique about their neighborhood.
  • Message guests and help them to manage the reservations

How iTechNotion can help?

iTechNotion stands by the motto of we design, we develop and we promote and that says it all about how the company can help a business. A team of professionals who excel at the job of developing websites, iTechNotion provides end to end solutions that involve front end programming as well as back end programming apart from the regular maintenance. The company offers every possible help from the latest technology to trending industry trends and develops the website that is the best.

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