How much does it cost to develop a system like Zomato?

Food apps are doing great in current times, and with a unique deployment, you can hit the market definitely.

We have prepared this analysis report in order to help you understand the business model of Zomato-like online food delivery service.

It will help you get better insights of how this product works, in case you are planning to come up with a similar app.

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What is Zomato and how did the business flourish?

Zomato is an India based restaurant search service which later expanded into food delivery segment. Operating in 2 dozen countries, this app was first launched in Delhi and soon after, the service was extended to cities like Mumbai and Kolkata. With each year, the customer base kept growing and the company also got the first mover’s advantage in a nascent sector.

The customers lapped up the concept of checking our restaurant menus even for eateries that lacked website and the tempting discounts worked well to woo more users. Especially consumers in metros and developing cities jostling for time and lacking time to make meals, found Zomato to be bliss. The fact Zomato tied up with restaurants offering various cuisine choices helped it appeal to users with varying food choices. It was in November 2010 that the name was changed to Zomato.

Market Research

There is no denying the massive popularity of Zomato. With time, it is spreading into the suburbs close to the metro cities where it already has a steady user base. It offers enough choices and customization options to the users. However, at present, it is not the only competitor to keep eyes on. You may also check out a few alternatives to get a broader picture of your target sector’s landscape.

In the last few years, businesses have witnessed a steep competition in the food delivery sector. However, the demand has grown too. So, the serious and smart food delivery apps kept on expanding into new countries as well as new cities in its home turf.

For example – Zomato, which went live in 2011, is now multilingual, making things easier for non-English speaking users. It also managed to bring down losses significantly in the last 2 years. For FY 2019, the revenues of this Gurgaon-based company have touched $206 million. Looks appealing for a business, willing to enter this industry, doesn’t it?

Best Alternatives to Zomato

  • Swiggy
  • Uber eats
  • Foodpanda

Overall Project Summary

You should come up with an online food delivery and restaurant finder service that can also be accessed by desktop computer users. Alongside, it should offer attractive discounts and myriads of cuisine choices through a tie-up with partner restaurants.

The app users want to do a lot with food delivery apps, such as:

  • Place orders at favorite restaurants listed under your app in their regions and get delivery at home.
  • Dine out at member restaurants and avail Gold membership benefits.
  • Book table at partner restaurants from home, online.
  • Use promo codes and get discounts on orders placed through the app
  • Rate and write reviews of restaurants based on experience.

So, make sure your app has these features and some additional features, which could make it unique and more impressive for the end-users.

List of Features

  • Signing in through Google or Facebook : Instead of using separate password for your app’s profile, you can use Facebook or Google id to use it.
  • Pay through multiple modes : The app users must be able to make payments through multiple modes for the orders. From COD to debit card and digital wallets, the options are numerous. However, promo codes are not applicable on COD.
  • Save more than one address : The users can save multiple addresses for getting food delivered using the app.
  • Seek customer support : For any query related to placed orders or raise complain about food quality or delivery issues, the seers can avail the apps’ embedded live chat feature.
  • Book table online : The app can also be used to book table in any of the partner restaurants for lunch or dinner, sitting at home. Slot and place availability can vary based on situations.

Additionally, you may allow the customers do a lot more using the proposed food delivery app :

  • Mark favorite orders so that they can be repeated later just by one click or tap.
  • Rate the service quality of the delivery agent and food quality by star rating.
  • Use the Gold membership benefits at supported restaurants to get free and complimentary meals and beverages.
  • Rate the app on Play store and App store.

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A single app will be sufficient where we can ask user to select their intent. This also enables vendors and other staff members to order using the same app when needed, just like a normal customer so that they do not need to download another app to order.

Yes. They can communicate over chat.

Yes. They can communicate over chat.

Yes, it is already provided as a part of our service agreement.