What will be the cost of an app like JustDial? It’s India’s No.1 local business directory.

If you are thinking to launch an online local search engine, with a comprehensive set of feature, iTechNotion can build it.

However, having a basic knowledge about the competitors and app features is necessary to get started towards it. Go through our exhaustive study on the famous and successful app JustDial. It will help you learn what you want us to do to make the business shine.

What is JustDial and how did their venture grow?

Justdial is an Indian company which is known for offering local search, news and a lot of other services over the web and phone to the users – in a simplified manner. Mani started as a venture with only 5 employees, rented furniture and computers and capital of INR 50000. Headquartered in Mumbai, it also has offices in cities like Kolkata, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Chennai, Bangalore, and Ahmadabad at present. It has employee strength over 12600.

Over the years, its services have expanded and now it caters to a multitude of users seeking local information and diverse online services. The services can be used by using PCS and smartphones. To cater to the users addicted to social media, the company launched Justdial Social – a service which aggregates content from the top social media websites. It also launched Search Plus Service, which enables the users to manage web-based transactions.


Market Research

To find localized information on things like restaurants, movies, loans, car rentals, doctors, healthcare services and more, JustDial is the undisputed leader in the Indian market. However, there are some other alternative services, which could be analyzed before entering in this sector.

In nearly 2 decades since its inception, JustDial has gone from strength to strength. It caters to a wide range of users, including those who do not use PC or Smartphone. Its services can be used from regular phones by dialing 8888888888. It also offers text SMS based services.

The voice services are multilingual and 24×7 accessible. Taking a lesion from it, you may also think of coming up with unique contact number (vanity number) which you customers could remember easily.

Best Alternatives to Justdial

  • Sulekha India
  • Yellow Pages
  • AskLaila
  • Grotal.in
  • StartLoval.in

Overall Project Summary

As you are planning to launch a local search engine, your end-users won’t be willing to pay for using it. It should is a free service, accessible to mobile, Smartphone, PC users in India (or your target country) for localized information and diverse online services. Also, focus on building a huge community of web users which could contribute to user ratings and reviews.

This app lets you do a lot of things like:

  • Create a profile within minutes and look for diverse localized information and events.
  • Dial a unique customer support number (like 8888888888 for JD app) to access services via phone.
  • Get your business listed with it to become more accessible to local customers.
  • Submit your ad online.
  • Search online for events taking place nearby like movies, plays, art events, and festivals, etc.

List of Features

  • Search for myriads of services online : he users can look up the app portal to find out localized services for free – anytime. From booking restaurants to shopping online and checking for loan offers – the options are endless!
  • Book the services : After finding local services online through this portal, users can make bookings online too.
  • Check news online : Through newly-launched app News, users can stay updated on current news and developments in their region or across India.
  • Money Transfer Feature : The users can use the feature (e.g. JDPay) for online money transfer service - to pay money online or receive from someone.
  • Recharge mobile and pay bills : The app users can use the portal to recharge their mobile numbers in a few steps. They can also pay energy and DTH bills using the UI.
  • Buy International SIM Cards : Using your existing mobile SIM in a foreign trip can bleed your wallet dry. Using app’s online portal- you can get an international SIM card delivered. The options include the Matrix and Uniconnect SIM cards which can be used in a lot of countries.
  • Book IRCTC tickets : Using the service, users can book railway tickets through IRCTC and check PNR status. They can also cancel booked rail tickets.

How iTechNotion can help?

iTechNotion is capable of developing websites and apps, alongside and modifying the solutions that it creates for the clients. We have a team of experts who are well versed in such tasks and can handle any project – regardless of size and complexity.

Our team can craft a flexible, powerful and mobile-first local search engine which could be web and/or app based, as per your needs. iTechNotion offers comprehensive app and website solutions for the clients covering back and front end. We also take care of app/website maintenance.


  • You can change the account details from the ‘My Account’ section.
  • To access this, click on the down arrow beside your name present at the top right corner and click on ‘My Account’.
  • You could edit your details through the user profile setting section from the new page that opens up.

Every time you place an order which is to be delivered to a unique delivery address, we automatically save the address.

Yes, you can place a Cash on Delivery Order.

We send out the details of the vendor through SMS / Email as soon as you place an order with them through Justdial.