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Everything that you want to know about OLX / Quikr App Development

The secret of any business’s success is their in-depth understanding of the market and the best way to gain that is by analyzing your competitors.

To come up with a viral online marketplace service like OLX, you need to understand how and why OLX and other such products surviving and thriving.

OLX / Quikr App Development

What is OLX and how did the business grow so huge?

OLX Group is a popular online marketplace that operates on a global level. Based in Amsterdam, it is owned and run by Naspers- a famous media and technology group of South Africa. Set up in 2005, OLX has grown significantly over the years and it now operates in 150 countries including India. It can be used through its website, Android app or iOS app. The site has a user-friendly UI and that has led to its massive popularity as well.

OLX has evolved into a much-used online marketplace known for amazing simplicity and versatility. It can be described as a web-based platform where the users can buy and sell myriads of products, easily and at their convenience. These include cars, gadgets, Properties, furniture, household goods, and more. You can also sell your pets, and search for various kinds of jobs using the portal.

Market Research

OLX is a classified online marketplace that has garnered a huge user base in a little more than a ecade.

However, it does not hurt to know about a few alternatives as well. After all, a careful competitor analysis may help you come up with a better product.

Listed below are few such alternative online classified marketplaces like OLX:

So before you get into the development of your online sell and buy marketplace, it is advised to take acknowledge of these products and study how and why could they thrived well in the market.

Best Alternatives to OLX
  • Craigslist
  • Cashify
  • Quickr
  • Coutloot
  • Zamroo
  • eBay
  • Gumtree

Overall Project Summary

Your product is going to be a free online classified service using which people can buy and sell a lot of things in a smooth manner. It should be made available as a website and there should be dedicated mobile apps too. A lot can be done using this versatile classified service like:

  • Put up ads for selling your belongings like gadgets, apparel, property, cars and bikes, and even pets.
  • As a buyer, you can look for stuff within the price range or available in your preferred ocations.
  • As a seller, put in the details of the stuff you want to sell in your ads. As a buyer, you can look for stuff within the price range or available in your preferred locations. Add images of the stuff you want to sell through the app.
  • You can choose to be contacted by others by email, phone number and both.

List of Features

  • Log in options multiple - You can log into to the app either for selling or buying anything using 4 options. You can use Google or Facebook id. You may also use a phone number or email id for logging in.
  • Profile customization - Once you are logged in and registered with the app, profile customization can be done. You can choose a phone number to be displayed in the ads. You may also add a profile picture.
  • Notifications - You may choose to be notified on promotional offers and activity-based recommendations.
  • Real estate - Apart from used stuff, you can use the marketplace app to look for real estate deals. You may search for rented properties using its service. Using filters like the type of property
  • Job search - Using the app, you may search for myriads of jobs and most of these are IT- related. However, openings for cooks and teachers are also listed.
A lot more can be done in the buy-sell marketplace, like :
  • Editing profile or deactivating it any time
  • Creating a network of users and following them.
  • Chat with sellers who have posted ads in the app.
  • Post your ads and modify and delete them later.

How iTechNotion can help?

iTechNotion is a company that is committed to offering all types of guidance and assistance to its clients – no matter what their niche is. We are absolutely professional in approach and possess immense skill and experience in creating the feature-rich, functional app and stunning websites. We handle back and front end programming needs. We also carry out the required maintenance. Our clients get comprehensive support and assistance, at all times.

For the people, thinking to launch a full-featured marketplace for buying and selling things, our team can serve as a perfect consulting and development aid. To know more and discuss your requirements, you can reach out to us.

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