iBeacons Solutions

Give your app the freedom to bring surroundings to life. iTechNotion allow you to easily integrate a complete context aware experience into mobile apps. Set up your beacons, manage customer and track customer data

iBeacons will be useful for

  • Auto Attendance using iBeacons
  • Indoor navigation system
  • In-store ibeacon proximity aware, tailor made, user specific offers.
  • Micro Location Accuracy using iBeacons ensures constant positional awareness.
  • For expo to deliver content to customer who is visiting stall.
  • Navigation and location based information for Theme Park
  • In Airport for auto check in and flight information based on proximity location
Smart iBeacons Apps
Wearable Device App Development In USA

Wearable App & Integration

ITechNotion holds strong capability and ambition to write wearable technology software that powers applications to seamlessly capture and process device sensors (haptic and virtual), facilitate bi-directional M2M data exchanges, function with minimal battery usage, easily visualize captured data and respond well to intuitive controls and environmental feedback.

Benefits of Wearable App & Integration:

  • Ergonomic user interface
  • Computational capability
  • Customizable notifications
  • Low energy consumption

BLE Technology

Bringing real time location context to your mobile applications, iTechNotion is a location technology company focused on helping companies engage, locate and conduct transactions with their consumers. Our designs are customized and centralized to needs of our wide array of client network who are successfully being advantaged in their line of business at present.

Benefits of BLE Technology:

  • iBeacons Integration
  • More data and less energy consumption
  • Streamlines device metering and diagnostics
  • Reliable data broadcasts
Bluetooth Low Energy BLE App Agency
IOT Cloud Service Integration

IOT Cloud Integration

iTechNotion helps you and your company realize business objectives by creating, deploying and managing workloads/workflow on a multi-cloud environment integrated intelligently with your previously adopted traditional infrastructure. Our expertise and mechanisms assists you to develop a security-rich solution that will further establish a new value for your business.

Benefits of IOT Cloud Integration:

  • Smart Data Analytics
  • Quick integration with enterprise applications
  • Easy connection of data with customer experience
  • Flexible and customized options


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